Submission for the Pizza Game Jam 26th- 28th of October 2018 by Thomas Cianfarani, Alexandre Tomasia and Lucas Fernandez.

The chosen capital sin is Gluttony. 

Play a mushroom that ended up in a pizza loving person's plate, and try to survive as long as you can ! You may cross some fellow pepperonis along the way trying to survive too. 

We had a lot of fun making this game in the given time and we hope that you also have fun playing it!

Development log


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Never in my life a game has made me go through such feelings:

The triumph that was surviving my first pizza only to be struck with the realization that another one would replace it until doom came.

The desperation of knowing all of the pepperoni is going to be eaten, no matter how hard you try to save it.

And that sweet sweet feeling of revenge when you make the humans pay an absurdly high price for their heinous hunger-motivated crime.

10/10 Would put my life on the line for glory again.

Glad you had fun playing it haha